Joni Chieko Oliphant (ami_mizuno_1200) wrote,
Joni Chieko Oliphant

Writer's Block: ROFL

What comedian makes you pee your pants laughing?
Margaret Cho
Russell Peters
gya, I can't remember his name......anyone remember the other comedian that was on the Asian Excellence Awards this past year (2007)? He's also a fave. of mine

Personally, I think Dane Cook is lame. My friends like him, I'll listen to it in my friend's car and it's stupid. There's nothing funny about him. Maybe if he were to do an impression of someone or something he might be funny, but now, no.

"Why don't you just use RICE? You just take little bit and make very sticky, then you don't have need for glue or tape. Just use a bit of RICE..."

I love Margaret's imitation of her mother....sounds like what my mom said whenever we ran out of tape or does work too........don't diss the rice!
Tags: entertainment, funny comedian, writer's block

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