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I really miss it up there. I can't wait for summertime 'cause then we (nana, cory, me) are going to Maui. Hopefully I'll be able to either get to S.F. a week earlier or stay for a couple weeks when we get back. That would totally be ideal. Now if only I could stay a month....that would be even sweeter, but I won't impose on nana and papa that long. I'm not Jason after all.

I really wanna go back though. I need to get a new pair of slippers (preferably the bamboo ones I got this past summer) 'cause the cloth ones I have now aren't really holding up as much as I wish. I could go to Mitsuwa I suppose, but they want $5 for a pair of slippers; I can get the same thing at Ichiban Kan for $2-3. Why would I pay a couple extra bucks? I really wanna eat sushi too....Sora and I were supposed to do that this past weekend, but she had to get her car fixed up so we weren't able to. gods, I want sushi/sashimi dammit. (and no, I'm not PMSing....yet) I just want good food. Is that so much to ask for? I have some chicken breast fillets in the fridge, so I think I'll make some chicken curry tonight for dinner. Just gotta wash out the rice pot and start the rice before the curry....gods, that sounds so good....

Too bad we don't have an actual Indian restaurant....that'd be awesome. My Head RA at Mills was gonna take me to this one Indian restaurant that's supposedly good, but we never got around to it 'cause she was always busy or forgot or something came up last minute. I think there's this Indian restaurant on Spruce and Geary, but not sure. It's called RAAS. Pretty sure it's Indian....Never been there before though.

I really should be doing homework, but I just don't feel like it. *blows raspberry* and I've got a math test today. Taking it at 1 instead of 3 'cause my math teacher asked if that'd be possible. Told her it was. Hopefully she dropped the test off so I can take it at 1 and not wait around a couple hours for it. *blows more raspberries*

Only bad thing about visiting Bay Area is that nana and papa don't have internet (and my cell doesn't get internet (well, it does but it's not part of my plan)) so I can't check my email, or read fan fiction (unless I print it out), or go on Facebook or any of the other sites I go on.....and like hell I'll pay 25 or so for internet use at Starbucks. I might as well poke out my eyes if I'm gonna do that. So peoples, if you guys wanna hang out with me over summer up in Bay Area, we gotta make plans via phone or via internet before I leave. I really wanna hang out with Sachi and Connie....I haven't seen Sachi since we both left Mills and last time I saw Connie she was working at the Gap downtown but that was summer of 2007 and things could've changed since then...Emily, I hope we can hang out too. Hell, if I had my own place in the City and I weren't staying with nana and papa I'd say I wanna hold a get-together. 'Course we can't hold a proper get-together without booze---especially not if Connie's around....Plus we should all be of age by then (or almost anyways).....

Speaking of booze......hahaha, only a couple more weeks to go before I can legally go out and buy some Smirnoff....And you better bet your ass that I'll buy some. My birthday falls on a Saturday this year, I've got Saturday, Saturday night, and Sunday to drink. Then I'll drink some more when I get out of classes....hell, I'm sorely tempted to buy some paper bags, put the Smirnoff in said bags and take said bags with me to school and get drunk at school. That'd be so much fun. Fuck the laws....I've played "Miss Perfect" or "Miss Stuck-Up Bitch" long enough. I wanna shed those and make a new me. One that people wouldn't ever think to associate with me...I wanna be a party animal. Screw my meds....I wanna drink god dammit and by the gods I WILL drink!!!!!
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OMFG!! I can't believe how long it's been since the last time I posted. Weather is still cold as hell here. As I write this, it is 42 F outside. Brr...

I got a check in the mail from Mills a few weeks back without an explaination or anything, so I called the M Center up---turns out it was a refund check. And to think that they wanted me to pay them more money just a few months ago---Pathetic! Anywho, that mess is cleaned up, so I'm glad. I got a "Living Language" kit. I wanna try and learn Mandarin Chinese. Right now, I only know two phrases: "Nihao" (hello/hi) and "Gung Hei Fat Choy" (Happy Chinese/Lunar New Year). I still plan on learning Japanese too.

Mr. Lamb, one of the math teachers at the high school died in his sleep last saturday. his wife found him dead on the 8th, and his funeral service was on the 14th. All in all it was a depressing week. Add in the fact that it rained most the week and the fact that I really didn't want to do anything. Thursday I had developed a headache even before class started and I was sorely tempted to just ditch, but I didn't. I mean, if I was going to, then why would I get up early and carpool with my friend all the way to the campus and spend several hours there? I'd rather stay at home and sleep if that were the case.

Haven't been up to much of late. Bought 4 movies from blockbuster yesterday (4 for $20 sale). Mostly been doing schoolwork. We got the 13-16 off. Gotta go to class tomorrow, gonna go shower now.
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Colonel Brandon

Utah anyone?

 Wondering if anyone has an extra Utah quarter.....besides the 2008 quarters that aren't released yet, Utah's the last's a 2007 if anyone's wondering.......I haven't found it yet......I'm starting to think it doesn't exist...1-951-698-0451
Colonel Brandon

What Do You Have To Say? - Ready For My Close-Up?

How do you respond when someone asks to take your picture?
when someone (namely my dad) tries to take my photo I'll duck behind someone who's taller than me or I'll move my book/menu/etc in front of my face and hide.........Why? because my dad will pop out of nowhere holding his damn camera and he always takes too many photos........and he scares the crap out of me when he does that....If he or my friends/family were to ask nicely I might agree........but it's usually "get in the picture" or something commanding and rude like wonder I hate people taking my picture!
Colonel Brandon

Writer's Block: ROFL

What comedian makes you pee your pants laughing?
Margaret Cho
Russell Peters
gya, I can't remember his name......anyone remember the other comedian that was on the Asian Excellence Awards this past year (2007)? He's also a fave. of mine

Personally, I think Dane Cook is lame. My friends like him, I'll listen to it in my friend's car and it's stupid. There's nothing funny about him. Maybe if he were to do an impression of someone or something he might be funny, but now, no.

"Why don't you just use RICE? You just take little bit and make very sticky, then you don't have need for glue or tape. Just use a bit of RICE..."

I love Margaret's imitation of her mother....sounds like what my mom said whenever we ran out of tape or does work too........don't diss the rice!